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Redfish Island Album Lyrics


Redfish Island Records, 2001 (ASCAP)
Written and Produced by Kelly McGuire


Redfish Island  

Turn Around and Run
 They All Wanna Go to the Sea
Redfish Island
Major Doubts About Waterspouts
Where Did Redfish Go?
Pensacola in the Morning
Girls of the Island
Sailing Across the Gulf on My Own
Therapy Cruise

Redfish Island Album Credits

Vocals: Kelly McGuire
Acoustic Guitars: Jim Sales, Kelly McGuire
Bass: Jim Sales, Rusty McFarlan
Drums: Greg Morrow
Keyboards: Garland Craft, Tony Harrell
Electric Guitar: J.D. Edmiston, Kenny Vaughn
Steel: Steve Hinson
Fiddle/Mando: David Russell
Percussion: Paul Griffith, Rusty McFarlan
Background Vocals: Cindy Shelton, Kelly McGuire

Produced by Kelly McGuire for Redfish Island Records
Records by Jim Sales Studios, Hendersonville, TN
Mixing and additional tracking and overdubbing by Hum Depot, Nashville, TN
Engineers: Jim Sales and Rusty McFarlan
Mixed by Rusty McFarlan
Mastered by Randy, Final Stage

Cover Design by Jeff Queppet
Photography by Steve Fishman
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ. USA

All songs written by Kelly McGuire
2001 Redfish Island Music ASCAP


Turn Around And Run

From a week in paradise I got used to
Holdin' you close ev'ry night
As we come down from the clouds and touch the ground
You're squeezin' my hand so tight
But if paradise is behind us where we learned less is really more
And all we needed was each other
Then what the hell are we comin' back for

Let's turn around and run
Back to the sea and the sun
Don't need much to have fun
Just some lotion and some rum
We can snorkel for free
Or make love on the beach
Lay around in the sun
Smartest thing we've ever done
Let's turn around and run

This pile of a city's so full of people
Buzzin' around like flies
All stressed out in their ev'ryday world
Dressed up in their suits and ties
Tryin' to achieve the next level
With a bonus they can buy a new car
Or a house where they keep their family
They think those things are who they are

We were suffering from a delusion
That we could leave all this behind
No choice but collect our baggage
Get ready for that 8 to 5 grind
As we lugged our way to the exit
I could see the question in her eyes
So I answered with a smile and I grabbed her hand
Last plane back to paradise

They All Wanna Go To The Sea

Sun sets on the harbor, peaceful and serene
The yachts are nestled snugly
With their far off dreams
Sailors in the ev'ning, with a far-off look in their eye
Restless for a change of scene
Wishin' they could try

'Cause they all wanna go the sea
And they all dream of islands in their sleep
And there's none that wanna go more so than me

Weekends here in Houston bring 'em down to the bay
Walkin' and a gawkin'
Wishin' they could sail away
But 8 to 5 come Monday, they're dressed up in their suits
Navigatin' that freeway
Somehow they can't cut loose

Sittin' in the even'ing
Magazines and dreamin'
All the pretty places I'd like to be
Coral reefs and beaches
Anchored in the lee
Divin' down through waters cleaner than these

Redfish Island

I've got dreams about the ocean
To sail the seven seas
Or catch a gulfstream breeze
And hide out in the Keys
Take my time and live my life
Just the way I please
But why am I afraid to sail away

She's a good boat and she's sturdy
And I know she'd pass the test
I've fitted her out perfectly
I know she's the best
And patiently she waits for me
She's ready I can tell
But her body's never felt the ocean swell

It's a long way from Redfish to the Islands
It could take a week or more
And there could be a storm
No I don't wanna die on Redfish Island
So just push me to the Gulf and set me free
'Cause that's the only way I'll live my dream

It was Saturday they told me
About Jimmy down the dock
How a heart attack had stopped him dead
I thought about our talk
He swore that in a year he planned
To lay his lawbooks down
Now his boat's for sale and Jimmy's in the ground

The next week I was busy
Sold my house and sold my car
Sold nearly ev'rything I own
Except this old guitar
Stepped aboard my lady love
And steered her out to sea
'Cause that city life had done enough to me

Major Doubts About Waterspouts

We left the coast of Galveston we were 40 boats in a row
Southbound down to Tuxpan racin' to Mexico
Well I'd never been on a crossing, been in the Gulf but not far out
I was lookin' for days of pleasure when I saw that waterspout

I'm havin' major doubts about waterspouts
Somebody tell me what to do
I'm havin' major doubts about waterspouts
I wish I were home with you

She snaked down from a low cloud we were busy reefin' the sails
We all just stared with wonder as the devil wagged her tail
She went away but in a minute later came back close our way
Ev'ryone was quiet then I heard myself say

But out on the ocean there's no place to go
No way to get out of the way
I'll tell you right now this terrified sailor
Sure learned how to pray


Wish I could name a hurricane the way they always do
Wish I could name a hurricane, I'd name one after you

Guess I learned my lesson 'bout messin' with the fury of love
But in your eyes I was captured, spinning till I gave up
But a tropical storm can just blow for so long
And it blew out like all storms do
Wish I could name a hurricane I'd name one after you


It took months to recover, I swear I'd never been so far down
You flew away and I stayed aboard but, slowly I came around
I said all my farewells and hauled up the anchor
And did what any sailor would do…
I wish I could name a hurricane I'd name one after you


Wish I could name a hurricane the way they always do
Wish I could name a hurricane, I'd name one after you


Where Did Redfish Go

Last night I took my girl out in the bay
To find a little place where we could hide away
The moon lit up the night the mood for love was right
I couldn't wait to find a spot for anchor's aweigh

We sailed an hour maybe two or three
She kissed and snuggled up to me naked in the breeze
But after a while she seemed to lose her smile
I couldn't find the island and she fell fast asleep…oh

Where did Redfish go, it was there last week I know
We'd anchor overnight and have ourselves a time. Wohoho
Where did Redfish go, I know it didn't float
Somebody stole my favorite place away

She's snorin' in the cockpit and it's late
I've looked ev'ry place that I can safely navigate
It vanished in the dark, now there's nowhere I can park
How could an island disappear and not leave a trace

But wait a minute what's that funny beep I hear
The light on my fathometer is not very clear
And just about that time, the boat stopped on a dime
I flew past the compass and I landed on my rear…oh…

Where did Redfish go
Where did Redfish go

Pensacola In The Morning

It's Pensacola in the Morning, gonna lay out on the beach
And listen to the waves roll in, or maybe get a boat and fish
Let the breeze blow thru my hair just kick back for a while
And let the waters wash my tears away, then maybe I can learn to smile

Pensacola in the mornin, I hope you're ready for me there
My broken heart could use some therapy
Pensacola I'll be there

I always thought we'd be together
Never dreamed that we'd be thru
Now ev'ry day I read your letter
It's barely all that I can do
I'm gonna change my point of view
While I'm lyin' in the sand
I'll have a brand new attitude
Then maybe I'll get over you
And I'll come back a different man

Girls Of The Island

Down in the islands on white sandy beaches they roam
Wearin' little or nothing, their brown bodies glowin' so warm
Barefoot and beautiful, but anyone can tell by their eyes
They're the girls of the island and you'll never get out alive

The girls of the island are quietly calling my name
Hypnotic suggestion they'll try any trick in the game

They come to water mid-morning and comb out their hair
They'll catch you watching and quietly flash back a stare
You might be tempted to touch them, but boy don't you dare
Those bikini clad cuties are dangerous creatures beware

Down in the islands on white sandy beaches they roam
Wearin' little or nothing, their brown bodies glowin' so warm
Barefoot and beautiful, but anyone can tell by their eyes
They're the girls of the island and you'll never get out alive

Sailin' Cross The Gulf On My Own

Well I thought it'd be a kick and I could say that I'd done it
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own
I'd heard 'em talk about it and they said it was a powder run
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own
So I loaded up my boat hopin' it would stay afloat
And I bought all the charts and the beer
And I headed out to sea just to see if I could do it
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own

Well the first day out I saw a waterspout
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own
Then a squall overtook me and it wasn't very funny
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own

Then a little drip here and another over there
Then the water's up over the floor
So I thought I'd write a letter just in case I didn't make it
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own

Well I tried to save the 'nanas and the bagels and the candy bars
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own
But the water'd gotten to 'em and they wasn't worth a chewin'
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own
So I opened up a can of my favorite Spam and I choked it down with a beer
And it started me a thinkin' I wished I was home a drinkin'
In a dryer pair of underwear

I fin'lly made it to the other side and I've 'bout decided
To leave my boat right here
Well my wife was right when she said I'd regret it
Sailin' cross the Gulf on my own
So if you'd ever thought about takin' off in your boat
Sailin' cross the Gulf on your own
Well take my advice and listen to your wife about
Sailin' cross the Gulf on your own

It's like standin' in the shower
For about a hundred hours
Sailin' cross the Gulf on your own


Kelly McGuire © Redfish Island Records © © All rights reserved. Links